What is zone number in property tax?

What is my property tax zone number Chennai?

The zone and ward number can be found out at Chennai Corporation ZONE and Ward Finder, by entering your street name.

How do I find my zone number for property tax Pcmc?

How Can I find my PCMC Property Tax Zone and Gat Number? You can find the details of Your Zone and Gat No. in your property bill.

How do I know my property tax bill in Chennai?

In order to find property tax bill number, you’ll have to perform the following steps: Visit the official website of Greater Chennai Corporation or click on https://chennaicorporation.gov.in/online-civic-services/ptbillSearch.do?do=getOldLoad.

How can I pay property tax online in Chennai?

Online payment

  1. Visit www.chennaicorporation.gov.in.
  2. Click on ‘property tax online payment’ under Online civic services.
  3. Enter property location details which can be found on previous tax paid receipt and click on ‘submit.
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How can I pay my Tambaram municipality property tax online?

In the given page please select “Property Tax Status/Paytax” tab to get the next page. Please enter the details as prompted and hit “Submit” to get the details of payment dues, current payment period and amount. Please make payment using the payment gateway by debit / credit / net banking option.

How do I find the zone of my property?

Visit your local zoning office, city hall, or some other local planning board and get a copy of your local ordinance. In some areas, if you have a legal description of the property (name, address, tax map, and parcel number), you can call the zoning office or city hall, or even e-mail your request for information.

What is my zone in PCMC?

24, 25, 26, 27, 27 A, 28, Sindhu Nagar, Parmar Park, Swapnapurti Society, Central Colony, LIC, Excise, etc.

H zone.

ward no. Area in ward
12 Talwade Gaothan, MIDC, IT Park, Jyotiba Temple, Sahyog Nagar, Rupi Nagar, Triveni Nagar, Mhetre Vasti Part, Tamhane Vasti Part etc.

How do I find my zone of land PCMC?

Generally a person needs to visit the town planning department office in the PCMC main office building and apply for the zone certificate and the part-plan of DP. The copy of the zone certificate is issued in a week and that of the part-plan in a fortnight.

Where can I find my property tax number in Tamil Nadu?

Visit the official website of Tamilnadu Municipal administration . Once you reach the home page login/ register your account. Click on to my Tax, There you can see the tax assessment number.

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Where can I find my new property tax number Chengalpattu?

Go to page http://www.chennaicorporation.gov.in/online-civic-services/ptbillSearch.do?do=getOldLoad, select division and zone and put your old bill and sub no. You will get the new property number, this will even reveal the status of your property tax and if you have submitted online you will get the reciept.

How can I get property ID in Chennai?

The citizen may submit his request along with the following details through the online citizen portal available in website www.chennaicorporation.gov.in. The citizen should obtain user id and password by furnishing the user name and mobile number or email id in citizen portal.

Can we pay property tax online in Tamilnadu?

You can even know your zone and division, property tax status, your bill no. and finally you can pay your property tax online and get the bill sitting in your house. … You will land up with different banks from which you can pay your property tax through debit card, credit card or online banking.

What happens if property tax is not paid in Tamilnadu?

What will happen if the property tax is not paid on time? A penalty of 2% would be charged automatically to the assessed value after the end of the incentive period of 15 days of the tax cycle. Also name change of any property would be made only in case of nil balance of property tax.

How can I change my mobile number in Chennai property tax?

What are the steps to change the Chennai property tax mobile number

  1. Step 1: Go to the Chennai Corporation website.
  2. Step 2: Click on the button for ‘Online Tax Payment’
  3. Step 3: Click on the button for ‘Register your Phone Number’
  4. Step 4: Enter all your details: zone number, division code, bill no.
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